Exposure and branding in small and large format at NHK Skylt & Reklam.

NHK Skylt & Reklam is part of Norrlands Hall & Kapell. With us, you produce the promotional items you need to expose your brand in large and small formats. We help you to be seen both outdoors and indoors. Flags, banners and wings. Rollups, posters and billboards. Advertising tents, signs and triplesigns. Decals, sports prizes and engraving. Ask us. We have what you need.

Contact us for plaque and advertising expertise. We help you from idea to finished product with modern solutions for your overall brand needs. Our construction and assembly department also handles the construction license application for larger signs and supplies and assembles on site.

Production and sales:

Phone: 060-606 20 10
Email: reklam@nhk.se

Sport Prices & Engraving:

Telefon: 060-606 20 22
Email: tommy.larsson@nhk.se