Frequently Asked Questions

How long does PVC last?

Our PVC is very durable and will last a long time. Each welded PVC product comes with an NHK guarantee. Our PVC is built to be resistant to abrasion. They are also protected from decay and shrinking, resistant to acid and waterproof. All of this combined to increase the longevity of PVC material.

Where can I buy your truck curtains?

You can buy our truck curtains from our trusted and experienced resellers. Click here to see our list of resellers or you can go to the contact page to talk to someone in our team.

How easy is it to set up mobile stalls?

It is very simple. The stall is assembled with a wood frame system, where parts are attached to each other.

Won't my horse be frightened by the wind when it is a mobile stall?

No not at all. You can choose to have a special PVC containing netting. These small holes allow the wind to pass through. This reduces flapping on the sides plus it eliminates noise.

I need an advertising banner erected on a windy site. What type of PVC do I need?

You must select a PVC alternative with mesh/netting. This will allow the wind to pass through, reducing the movement on your banner.

What can I have printed on my PVC product?

You can have all you need printed on our PVC products. We customize each product to suit your needs. We can print your logo, photo and specific designs directly on PVC.

What is the maximum weight I can have in my trailer?

It depends on the trailer you buy, the maximum weight of an unbraked trailer is between 500 kg and 600 kg.

How do I place an order?

You can contact us directly to order. You can do this by calling us, faxing or by sending an email. Click here to contact us

How do I get my order?

You tell us where you want to receive your order and we will arrange delivery to you. Or you can just come by and pick it up.

Where can I find the prices of your products?

For product prices, please contact us for a quote.

What kind of warranty do I get?

Our welded PVC products come with our reliable NHK guarantee. Our trailers come with 1 year warranty. Click here to see our warranty page

How do I know that your products are safe?

All materials used in our products are rigorously tested to meet national and international quality and safety standards. This level of quality is supported by our NHK welded PVC guarantee.

I am a commercial customer. What customer support do you offer?

We are proud to provide comprehensive customer support. Our customer service is very experienced in their field and makes it a little extra to give you help. Click here for our customer service details